Pumps in the Agriculture Industry

MacEwans is committed to providing quality agriculture pumps to the NZ agriculture industry. Our range of agricultural pumps includes shallow well, transfer, irrigation, vat wash-down pumps, and calf milk pumps.

Browse our cast iron Dinbloc End Suction Centrifugal for irrigation, with a specially designed stub shaft and support frame which allows you to pair your pump directly to a metric frame electric motor. Or check out a Netzsch Nemo Progressive Cavity Pump for mix, conveyance, and assured continuous feed – even under challenging conditions.

View our Tsurumi Submersibles for agriculture, including the UZ range created to work hard mounted on your guide rail or as a free-standing heavy-duty vortex submersible sewage pump that you can shift to different locations as needed.

All our agricultural pumps are built tough, and with a century in the business, you can guarantee we know our stuff when it comes to selecting the best agricultural pumps.

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