Mining and Construction

Pumps in the Mining and Construction Industry

You benefit from more than a century’s knowledge when you shop for mining and construction pumps at MacEwans. Because we understand what you need, we only stock brands at the forefront of quality and innovation.

Select from the Tsurumi KTZ range for mining and construction, designed tough but intelligent. These pumps are equipped with an electrode that senses the rising water level and only begins operation when needed. Or check out the Tsurumi KRS range for a heavy-duty pump that is fully submersible and able to pump consistently at high volume.

Our Tsurumi stock includes sand and slurry pumps with smooth suction, shaft-mounted agitators and spiral pump casing – alongside a 4-pole motor with a built-in water jacket for cooling.

Browse these pumps and more for all your pump needs across mining and construction.

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