Positive Displacement

Manufacturer Name: Netzsch

Max Capacity: 400 m3/hr

Max Head: 24 bar

Materials: Grey cast iron, chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel, rubber-lined or Halar®-coated cast iron and special materials as per requirements

Netzsch NEMO Positive Displacement Progressive Cavity Pumps

Netzsch NEMO® Positive displacement progressive cavity pumps are used in all sectors of industries to convey almost all types of media continuously, smoothly, with low pulsation and dosing in proportion to speed.


Flow rates up to 400 m³/h at pressures up to 24 bar.

Fields of application

Industrial applications in environmental technology waste water, oil

and chemical industries for fluid to viscous media with and without



Compact design with directly flanged drive. Its low investment, operating

and maintenance costs really make it stand out. Four rotor/stator geometries

for optimum performance with every kind of application.

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