About us

About Us

MacEwans Pumping Systems is New Zealand’s trusted supplier of the worlds leading fluid transfer products.

We are a NZ owned and operated Pump Company with over 100 years of trading and experience.
As our name suggests our focus is on selling pumps and related products. This specialisation ensures our staff has an experience and expertise unmatched by any other pump company.

MacEwans Pumping Systems still manufacture our range of PPF Flood pumps in New Zealand, many of these pumps have been running 60 years plus and spares are still available.

As part of our commitment to our customers MacEwans have strategically chosen to only represent the worlds leading brands that excel in quality, reliability, technology and aftersales back up.

We Are Proud To RePresent:

We have a fully equipped workshop in our Auckland premises where our trained staff carry out pump servicing, bedplate manufacture and offsite repairs.

Our company goal is to ensure all our customer’s
projects have a successful outcome.

We represent some of the worlds best international brands with and we are proud of the after-sales service and large spares parts inventory which we offer in support of these products. As a consequence of our past success of this aim, we enjoy excellent professional and personal associations with both new and longer established customers.

Macewans History

MacEwans was originally founded by James Ballantyne MacEwan and his brother George Harrington MacEwan in 1896.

Over the years, MacEwans has grown, evolved and even diversified into other functions but kept the strong focus on the Pumping Industry. A prominant reputation was earned and respected and MacEwans became the success it still is today.
There has always been such pride and dedication of what MacEwans could offer customers, that MacEwans Pumping Systems Ltd was formed in 1992 to represent strong and specific solutions to pumping systems by utilising our very experienced, knowledgeable and committed team.