Storm Water

Pumps in the Storm Water Industry

Efficient stormwater clearing requires intelligent solutions. At MacEwans, we are leaders in the industry when it comes to weather events and day-to-day drainage.

Visit our product page to source the MacEwans PPF Axial Flow Flood Pump, available in vertical and horizontal configurations and commonly used for flood protection – and effective for water and treated water boosting, irrigation and more. Or check out the Fish Flow Innovations Fish Friendly Screw Pump. This innovative pump is 100% fish friendly, with contemporary modifications across the pump entrance, housing and screw to offset jamming and damage.

Browse our Bombas Ideal APM Multistage Pumps with tie bolts designed to resist high-pressure flow while handling mildly aggressive fluids, or discover the full range of stormwater applied pumps across our extensive range.

All our pumps are selected for excellence, and MacEwans only represents world-class brands that excel across quality and longevity.

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