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Tsurumi Avant MQ Series

The MQ-series of the “TSURUMI AVANT” brand adds an IE3 premium efficiency motor to the premium grade of submersible sewage pumps that Tsurumi makes. With this new series, overall efficiency and energy-savings have been taken to new heights by pursuing greater efficiency in both the pump and motor.
Moreover, to ensure users get what they are looking for, the MQ-series offers 5 types of impellers (Open Channel, Chopper, Vortex, Grinder and High Head) and super wide ranges of specifications featuring 50 to 600 mm discharge bore diameters and 1.8 to 355 kW motor output specifications. Plus, pump installation can be chosen between a WET version that submerges the pump in water or a DRY version that installs the pump indoors or outside the tank using the original closed jacket cooling system with internal re-circulation.
Furthermore, MQ-series pumps accordance with IECEx explosion-proof specifications, and can be used in dry pits and other sites.


  • Cast iron structure (stainless steel on request)
  • Class H electric motor from 1.8 kW to 355 kW in efficiency class IE3
  • Thermal protection devices incorporated in stator
  • Long life bearings (100,000 hours)
  • AISI 431 drive shaft (AISI 329 on request)
  • Leakage detection system in seal chamber (standard) and motor (on request)
  • Two silicon carbide mechanical seals with Oil Lifter in large oil chamber
  • Discharge from DN50 to DN600
  • Large free passage declared for every model
  • WET or DRY version available
  • Original closed jacket cooling system with internal recirculation
  • Operating temperature up to 60°C (up to 80° on request)
  • Explosion-proof (Designed in accordance with IECEx)

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