Case Studies

MacEwan’s Pumping System Revolutionises Sewage Station with Eradicator Kit

MacEwan’s Pumping System recently achieved a remarkable result by installing an Eradicator kit into a Gorman Rupp T10 at the Aranui sewage station. The Christchurch CityCare maintenance team had been grappling with persistent blockages at the Aranui sewage pump station, exacerbated by the increasing influx of stringy materials and rags over time. The situation reached a critical point, with blockages occurring every 12 hours on their Gorman Rupp T10 pumps.

Following consultations and a recommendation, the decision was made to implement and trial the Gorman Rupp T10 Eradicator kit to address the recurring blockages. Installed on December 7, 2023, the Eradicator kit comprises a hardened ragged-tooth wear plate and shark tooth insert that extends into the impeller’s eye. The results were nothing short of remarkable – blockages ceased completely. It has now been nine weeks without a single blockage, far surpassing our expectations and earning praise from all CityCare and Christchurch city council staff involved in this project. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and minimising downtime at the Aranui sewage station.


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