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Archimedes Fish Friendly Pumps


For nearly two years now, MacEwan’s Pumping System and Fishflow Innovation (FFI) from The Netherlands have been collaborating to bring fish-friendly flood pump solutions to the New Zealand market.

Around this time, the 2.5m diameter Archimedes screw pumps, totalling 16.4m in length, arrived in the country. These pumps were destined for the Invercargill Steads Road pump station upgrade for Environmental Southland. This site holds significant environmental value, serving as part of the Longfin eels fish passage. The Longfin eel, locally known as tuna, is a remarkable species. It plays a vital role as kai moana for Maori and supports a significant commercial and customary fishery in New Zealand. Therefore, their preservation is crucial for both environmental well-being and the fishing industry in Southland.

As the project nears completion, with WSP Invercargill handling the design and Fulton Hogan responsible for the civil and installation work, FFI and MacEwan’s were on-site to witness the installation of the two impressive pumps. The final levelling and adjustments were carried out collaboratively with FFI and Fulton Hogan, all proceeding seamlessly.
The pumps underwent a pre-commissioning checks and were manually rotated approximately 90 degrees to ensure proper functionality. The next milestone is anticipated around July when final commissioning is expected, and the pumps will be ready to begin their vital work.


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