Netzsch N.Mac Twin Shaft Grinders

Netzsch N.Mac grinders and macerators are designed for the most arduous of industrial applications to prevent pipe blockage and damage to downstream equipment by reliably reducing the size of solid matter in pumped media. The extensive selection of macerating systems provides an ideal solution for many industries and processes. The robust design of the grinding systems from NETZSCH ensures a high performance coupled with trouble free operation.

Capable of fragmenting large and solid particles, the N.Mac® Double Shaft Grinder is the ideal equipment to suit different applications such as wastewater treatment, biomass substrate handling, food and fruit scraps. Its various housing designs in channel and inline version allow installation into effluent channels or flange assembly to prevent pipe clogging and to protect downstream equipment, such as pumps.

Manufacturer Name


Max Capacity

400 m3/hr


Cast Iron, Hardened Steel and Stainless Steel

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Netzsch M-OVAS Cutting Plate Macerator

The M-Ovas® macerator for coarse materials is ideally suited for use in biogas plants where impurities in the medium reduce process reliability. The solids in the medium are reliably macerated or separated from the medium (e.g. stones), to prevent pipes getting blocked or damage to downstream equipment.

The special shape of the housing directs solid particles in the waste water towards the cutting plate, where they are held and chopped by the rotating blades.

The M-Ovas® should preferably be used to macerate the following media:

*Fermented, renewable raw materials


*Bio waste

*Slaughter waste


Manufacturer Name


Max Capacity

70 m3/hr


Galvanised Steel, Hardened Steel

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