Bombas Ideal SVA and SVH Submersible Axial Flow Pumps

The Bombas Ideal SVA and SVH are submersible pumps with axial and semi-axial impellers, specially designed for pumping big flows at low and medium heads.  Their high efficiency and reliability make them ideal for flood control, irrigation, water features in theme parks, purifying stations, moving big volumes of sea water, etc. These pumps are robust, with a common shaft for pump and motor, making for compact, heavy duty, submersible prime movers of water.  Sealing between motor and hydraulic end is via two high quality mechanical seals, lubricated and cooled by an intermediate oil chamber.  Motor is three phase, squirrel cage type with IP 68 and isolation class F for 155ºC.

Manufacturer Name

Bombas Ideal

Max Capacity

6500 l/sec


Cast Iron/Bronze


600mm to 2000mm

Max Head

Image of Bombas Idea SVA Submersible Axial Flow Pump