Variable Speed Pressure Systems

MacEwans Variable Speed Pressure Booster Sets

MacEwans Pumping Systems can supply constant pressure boosting systems controlled by Vasco variable speed pump controllers (1 to 8 pumps).

With Vasco variable speed drives it is possible to operate booster sets with one or more pumps (up to 8) controlled at constant pressure.

Vasco variable speed controllers can be mounted directly to the motor fan cover with a mounting kit; the strength of the connection kit allows the VASCO to be installed on horizontal pumps.

The screen display can be easily rotated for easy viewing

Motor mounting achieves compactness with savings in additional control panels and wiring.   Very good cooling of the inverter are are achieved and low electromagnetic emissions due to the reduced length of motor cable.

IP55 protection allows installation in humid and dusty environments.

If the VASCO variable speed drive cannot be installed on motor fan cover, it is possible to fix the VASCO variable speed drive to the wall with an optional kit and cooling fan feed by the VASCO.

IP 55 protection does not require installation of the VASCO variable speed drive into any additional control box so VASCO can be installed very near to the pump.

Download Vasco Variable Speed Drive Data Sheet





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