Speck Vacuum Pump Accessories

Accessories for Speck Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Speck Pumpen offers a comprehensive range of accessories for our liquid ring vacuum pumps.

In the following a few examples are listed:


Liquid separator

For separation of delivered gas and operating liquid,
made of stainless steel,
up to operating pressures of 0.5 bar (overpressure),
water pressure test up to 1.0 bar (overpressure)
available both for close coupled and base plate versions

Gas ejector In combination with liquid ring vacuum pumps for oil-free delivery of dry and humidified gases,
pressure range between 10 and 120 mbar,
suction capacity between 10 m³/h and 300 m³/h /
between 4.4 USGPM and 1,320 USGPM
Ball check valve

Ensures that the delivered gases cannot return from high to low pressure

Vacuum drain valve Avoids an overfilling of the vacuum pumps when the pump is out of operation
Vacuum check valve Limits suction pressure and avoids cavitation


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