Tsurumi LSC Series Submersible Sump Pump

Pumps down to a 1mm minimum level
The tsurumi LSC is a portable, single-phase residue dewatering pump. Tsurumi’s unique sealing device makes the pump capable of pumping down to floor level. The rubber-lined base plate prevents scratching to floor surface.

The discharge direction is selectable between top and horizontal, which prevents folding or bending of the discharge hose.

Discharge bore 25mm

• Top discharge

• Semi vortex impeller

• Single phase

• 2 pole motor, 0.48kW

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Tsurumi Family 12 and Family 12A Single Phase Submersible Pump.

Single phase with outstanding performance. Available in manual (12) and automatic (12A) versions

The Tsurumi Family 12 and 12A are light weight single phase pumps constructed for resin.

Highly regarded as the most reliable household pump in its class.  The Family 12 features a double mechanical seal located in an oil chamber so the seal faces are lubricated and cooled in oil.

Applications include

Garden watering

Cleaning and draining swimming pools

Draining flooded basements

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Tsurumi OMA2 Submersible Waste Water Pump

Compact and rugged automatic stainless steel single phase submersible pump.

The Tsurumi OMA2 is a single phase staimless steel (304) corrosion resistant automatic sump pump.

Designed with a semi vortex impeller to minimise impeller lock when debris is in the water to be pumped and a oil lubricated mechanical seal the OMA2 is rugged and reliable yet still compact allowing it to be installed in tight spaces.

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