Regent Column Pumps

Regent Column Sump Pumps

Regent Column Sump Pumps are long-column versions of the popular Regent range of end suction centrifugal models.

Any model from the Minorflow, Superflow, Majorflow or Dinflow range may be transformed into a column pump, to provide exactly the performance required.


·  Casings and Impellers in combinations of cast iron, bronze, zinc-free bronze and stainless steel

·  Stainless steel shafts - varying grades for specific liquids

·  TEFC motor is standard; others such as flameproof and immersion-resistant may be fitted

·  Column length to order


·  Immersed pump end ensures that the pump's prime is maintained

·  Leakage problems eliminated

·  Ideal for high temperature liquids which may tend to vaporize

·  Combine with level controls for automatic operation

·  Closed, open or vortex impellers


·  Process Industry

·  Condensate Traps

·  Waste water sumps

·  Wash down areas

·  Transfer from chemical tanks

Regent column sump pumps can be supplied with either fixed or de-mountable motors, and with or without discharge pipe to the surface.

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