Regent Autoprime Pumps

Regent Autoprime Selfpriming Centrifugal Pumps

The Regent Autoprime is a single stage, self priming centrifugal pump.

Autoprime pumps may be supplied close coupled to electric motor, petrol engines or diesel engines, or as bareshaft units.


·  Casings and Impellers in combinations of cast iron, zinc-free bronze and stainless steel

·  Stainless steel shafts - varying grades for specific liquids


·  Non-return suction flap valve retains liquid in the pump casing, ensuring quick and easy priming without the need for a foot valve

·  Mechanical seals are fitted, and are available with a variety of elastomers and face materials to suit a wide range of fluids and temperatures

·  Robust cast metal pump components for long life

·  Removable ports allowing varying discharge positions



·  General Transfer

·  De-watering

·  Sumps

·  Septic Tanks

·  Effluent Transfer

·  Marine - bilge, deckwash, fire fighting and exhaust cooling.

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