MacEwans Centrifugal DIN standard Pumps

MacEwans Dinflow Centrifugal Pumps

     The MacEwans Dinflow is a single stage, end suction centrifugal pump,

       with vertical discharge.  The Dinflow can be supplied as bareshaft pump

       only, or baseplate-mounted complete with shaft coupling to a motor

       or engine.

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MacEwans Dinbloc Centrifugal Pumps

         The MacEwans Dinbloc is the close coupled motorpump version of the

         Dinflow centrifugal pump.  The Dinbloc uses standard Dinflow pump

         components and specially designed support frame and stub shaft 

        to couple the pump directly to a foot-and-flange, metric frame

                                           electric motor.


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MacEwans Linebloc Centrifugal Pumps

       The MacEwans Linebloc is a vertical in-line, single stage

       centrifugal motorpump.  The Linebloc has a purpose-designed

       casing, combined with standard Dinflow pump components. 

       A support frame and stub shaft are used to couple the pump directly

       to a flange mounted, metric frame electric motor.


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Vortex Impeller Centrifugal Pumps

       Most of these models are derived from the standard Dinflow

       range and include a recessed impeller which creates a vortex

       within the pump casing. Smaller models are also included in

       the range, mainly for marine use.  Vortex pumps can be supplied as

bareshaft pumps, long-coupled, base-mounted units, close-coupled motorpumps,

or long column sump pumps.

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 Column Centrifugal Sump Pumps 

       MacEwans Column Centrifugal Sump Pumps are long-column versions of the popular

       MacEwans  range of end suction centrifugal models.

       Any model from the Minorflow, Superflow, Majorflow or Dinflow range

       may be transformed into a column pump, to provide exactly the

       performance required.


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