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AIRVAC Vacuum Sewage

Bilfinger Airvac Water Technologies Inc is the world leader in vacuum sewerage system technology. Formed in 1969, they have led the effort to take vacuum sewer technology from a zero base in the US to the established, reliable form of sewage collection system enjoyed by many today.

vacuum station skid production AIRVAC manufactures a complete line of top quality vacuum sewer system products including vacuum valves, valve pits and vacuum station equipment. Customer support and service is provided every step of the way including assistance with the planning, design, construction and operation of vacuum sewer systems. The combination of experience, top quality products and superior customer support separates AIRVAC from its competitors.

Since their founding in 1969, AIRVAC has maintained a singular commitment to excellence that has served to solidify their position as a trusted and respected brand that produces the highest quality products and services.

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